Hi my name is Matthew and I am writing from Florida. I did many things at the turtle hospital including these:

  • Feeding Tortuga the turtle
  • Seeing the super cute baby sea turtles swimming
  • Watching vets saving turtles and releasing them into the wild and rehabilitating turtles from boat and fishing line injuries.

I learned that some baby turtles couldn’t find their way from their nest to the water because of light pollution. The babies waddle on the sand towards the moonlight but sometimes flashing lights can confuse them.

The Amazing Turtle Hospital in Florida Turtle Hospital 37

Lots of turtles can get hurt. Shark and other predators can wound or kill them. Also, chemicals in the ocean or boats can ride super fast and hit the turtle’s shell and can give them something called bubble bud. This means that a bubble can form in the shell making the turtle not able to swim under the surface of the water to find food. The vets can put weights on the turtle’s shell to help them swim deeper. Some turtles get mixed up and think that plastic bags are jellyfish and eat them. The plastic won’t come through their body making them not get hungry and they can starve.

Please be careful when you fish, drive boats slowly and be sure to recycle everything you can.