Pursuing the Heart of True Adventure

A quick peek inside the life of a family of a 5 living in an Airstream camper and has travelled around the US and Canada for 16 months


Feeding 5000.

Food is something that all of us interact with on a daily basis. Through our taste buds, in our thoughts,¬†the wafting of dinner through the apartment. Most of us reading this blog have plenty. In fact, many of us have too much food. Each year, American’s throw away 40% of the food they buy!¬†However, there … Continue reading Feeding 5000.

Josiah and Toby’s First Vlog

Josiah and Toby have asked me to post their very first blog. While Siah would like to take you on tour through our camper, Tobias has shared some of his top secret insight into picking the perfect March Madness bracket. I have a hunch you’ll enjoy this minute and 58 seconds… Also, here are a … Continue reading Josiah and Toby’s First Vlog