Where are we?

Haverherd_travels_2018Here is a list of where we will be over the next few months (and where we’ve been;). We would LOVE to connect with you.


March: Spain, Portugal, France, England, Denmark, Kenya

February: South Carolina, Florida

January: Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina


December: Maryland, Virginia, Florida

November: Florida

October: Virginia, Georgia, North & South Carolina

September: NYC, Maryland, Costa Rica

August: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI

July: Wyoming, S. Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Scotland

June: Montana, Idaho, Banff, Vancouver

May: Washington, Oregon, California

April: California, Arizona, New Mexico

March: Colorado, North Carolina

February: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic

January: Guatemala, Texas


December: Texas, Key West, Mississippi, Louisiana

November: Florida, Georgia

October: Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia

September: Ohio, Buffalo NY, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia

August: Quebec City, Mont Tremblant, Montreal

July: Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire

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