Who are we?

We are a family of five currently living and travelling fulltime in a 25-foot Airstream named Birdie. We are excited to share our adventure with you as we explore, connect, serve and learn together with local communities around the country.


5 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Emily B says:

    Hey, enjoyed reading your blog! Can you please email, I’ve got questions for you folks.


  2. Kailee Bowen says:

    Hi! Y’all met my any & uncle in Decatur & wanted to see if we could connect when y’all are in NC

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  3. Cassie Smith says:

    Love reading the blog and hearing about your family adventures. I’ve sent you an email.


  4. Allison LRosenberg says:

    Love the bog, but mostly, love the giant smiles on your faces!!! Keep it up 🙂


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