Time to Go to The Mirror

We hope this note finds you well. Our family is coming out of the greatest summer of all time in Bar Harbor, ME which has only been surpassed by this previous weekend in Carlisle, PA, of all places. I’ll fill you in on both those experiences over the next few posts but in advance, I want to share a follow up to the Haverherd Takes on Spain, as we currently sit at the airport, on our way back to España.

During our second week at G42 in Mijas, Spain, I was caught a little off guard, as I stepped into class that morning. I sat alongside 30 interns, as they’re referred to in the 9 month leadership academy, as Ethan Wendle imparted some wisdom for the day on the Kingdom of God. In the middle of his teaching Alicia, one of the seniors, turned to JJ, one of the freshmen, and told her, “It’s time to go to the mirror.”


From the moment we arrived in Mijas two things had become clear in regard to these two young women. Alicia, had grabbed onto with both hands, her full identity in who God had created her to be. She wanted everyone else around her to experience the same. And number two, JJ was not yet there.

While the other 28 interns stood up and started making their way towards the northern wall of the classroom, JJ reluctantly looked up towards Alicia who gently guided her out of her chair. As they made their way over to the dance style fully mirror covered wall Alicia inquired, in a firm but loving voice, as she peered into JJ’s reflection.

“Tell me who this woman is?”

After about a minute of JJ trying to hold back her sobbing, a pip squeak of a voice responded, “She’s a daughter of the King.”

Alicia replied, as she looked back into the quivering eyes that reflected from no more than a foot away, “Don’t tell me who she is. Tell me who you are.”


Over the next several minutes, with more than two dozen classmates encouraging, JJ breathed life into herself. “You are worthy. You are holy. You are wonderfully made. You are cherished. You are a warrior.”

The crowd erupted into a joyful frenzy as they surrounded her in a massive 50+ arm embrace.

And as tears were being wiped from smiling faces, I heard another voice coming from behind us.


“JJ has just dropped off a lot of junk that she’s been carrying over the past 23 years of her life. Don’t any one of you think you’re going to do her, or yourselves, a favor by picking up that trash on your way out the door. Leave it alone.”

As I looked back into the mirror, a thought came into my mind. “I know that voice.” Standing on a chair behind all of us, commanding the entire group to leave the trash alone, was my wife.

My wife.

During one of our final days in class, after spending the entire month of March in Mijas, a young woman’s voice exclaimed from behind me,

“Daniel, I love your wife.”  A smiling response came out of my mouth: “Me too.”

We can’t wait to head back over to reunite with our friends across the pond. And see what adventure in love He has in store for us next.

Be Well.


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