How I Made Two New Friends in the Shelter

So it’s been a few weeks since we left the homeless shelter in Ashville, NC. But there were two friends that I would like to share with you.

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I had the opportunity to sit with John over a few meals throughout our week at Western Carolina Rescue Mission. If he had been wearing a red shirt, you’d be convinced that he must be married to Mrs. Claus. Over our week together “Santa” shared with me several portions of his story as well as his goals for the future. During our final meal together I asked him if I could pray for the healing of his diabetes. And if he would pray for mine.

He agreed, but I could sense his hesitation. “Was that an offensive question John?” I asked.

He softly responded, “I’m just not sure I know if I can pray out loud”.

After sharing that I would be honored by however he’d be willing to pray for me, we both closed our eyes. I reached over and placed my hand on John and asked God to heal his pancreas and the other areas of his body that were not in good working order. As the final few words floated out of my mouth, I opened my eyes for a second to see John quickly re-bow his head and squint his eyes shut. We sat facing each other for another minute or so before I heard John quietly say, “Amen”.

As I looked up, tears filled his eyes, “Daniel, I also prayed for your three sons.”

Both of us stood up and quickly moved towards the exit of the cafeteria. Not wanting anyone to see our emotion.

I’m so grateful that God gives us the ability to learn from people in all walks of life. We have such a good heavenly father. And we all have so much to learn.

The other individual who I’d like to introduce you to just so happens to be the very first smiling face I encountered after walking through the doors at WCRM last month. I’m going to share Chevis’ story through this video from the Say So Series (thanks Shelby). But if you could please be praying for God to give him the courage and endurance he needs to trust in these next incredible strides forward in his journey, we would both be eternally grateful.

Love you all.


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