Real Life on the Road

This photo depicts one tiny slice of our life on the road. I took this snapshot awhile back traveling in the passenger seat of our car. I am guessing that one of our 3 kiddos was struggling with the length of the drive or just wasn’t in the mood to be in the car (which I totally understand). But, even in all my mature 37 years, I still do not cope well with whining humans, no mater how big or small.

Enter – – noise canceling headphones.  The most incredible invention the world has ever seen.

Let me take a step back for a second. Now, I know a lot of people (myself included) track the wanderings of those who live the nomadic lifestyle. And, I definitely find myself believing that their lives are in someways so much better than average. It can be so easy to idealize this way of life. We certainly did, as we planned for our adventure over a year ago.

I must say, life on the road is incredibly fantastic. We have so much freedom and opportunity to connect with our people, new friends, and spend time with our kiddos.

With that said, sometimes, it is the exact same as life in one place. We still prepare and eat 3 times a day. We still struggle to get our kids to bed on time. We strive for balance in our days. Our kids do school. We clean our tiny house. We play games, go on walks and bike rides, and Daniel and I try to sneak in dates when we can.

There are times when I long for a life in one place. I want to have my own room, a place to retreat to. And in our current life set up, there is literally no where to go. All this to say, life is great, but by no means perfect.

So as I hit post on this blog, from a Costa Rican mountainside, I find myself yet again reaching for the headphones and longing to curl up in my own space. It will come soon enough. And then I will miss this.

Enjoy your days and moments friends.

With Gratitude.


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  1. Jacque

    Love it. Thanks for the reminder to give thanks always. Enjoy Costa Rica! Jacque

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