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Matthew has expressed an interest in learning to be a blogger. We have let him know that if he successfully writes 10 blogs, he can start his own site. He has written a series of blogs on a variety of topics which are included below. We hope you enjoy and feel free to provide any feedback in the comments section below.


I stood up on my first wave in Costa Rica. I road about 100 waves! I totally love surfing. I took a lesson from Andray.


Lions are mammals. They live on the savanna and have manes. Last but not lest lions eat meat.


I love to bike. It is fun to go fast. My bike is blue and its name is water rush. I rode 10 miles in one day.

Dragon City

Placing dragons is fun. Place dragons where you want to. You can have a war!


6 thoughts on “Matthew’s Blogs

  1. Jacque Straka

    Very intriguing blog posts! Thanks for sharing, Matthew. I’m curious to learn more about placing dragons. Love to you all!!

    1. Hi Jacque, thank you for your comment. Dragon City is a game on my iPad. To place a dragon, you have to buy land so that they have a habitat. Then you take the dragon from your hatchery and place it in the habitat. Just like animals, dragons live in different habitats based on their type. My parents are asking what city you live in. Love.

  2. Steve Haverkos

    I want to learn to surf too Matthew. It looks like you are having so much fun. You look like a natural on the board. Where is this Dragon City place? I want to visit!

  3. Carol Moore

    Keep it up, Matthew. You’re doing so many interesting things and traveling to wonderful places. Would love to hear more.

  4. Teri

    Wow! what great topics. Hope to hear more about your adventures, and hear all about what you are learning.

  5. Keitha Havey

    Your blog posts are very interesting, Matthew! I have some questions about surfing. What did it feel like to ride on the waves? How do you stand up on the board in the water? How do you know which waves are good for riding the board?

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