Confidential: Paradise Discovered

So here we are in Sámara, Costa Rica.

For those of you who have never experienced the rich coast you should immediately click on this link and book your <$290 round trip, direct flight to soak up Pura Vida. For those of you who have been here previously…

…how dare you not let us in on this little secret.

Over the past 2 1/2 weeks we have learned to surf, explored the Nicoya Peninsula, vegan’d up, hiked a waterfall, trained with the local semi-pro beach soccer team, made new friends, and volunteered every morning at a fantastic org called CREAR. More to come on this non-profit in our next blog but we’ve been so impressed how these folks are running camps and after school programs to care for the local kids here in Sámara.

By far the most amazing thing about Costa Rica is not just it’s physical beauty, but more so how los Ticos (Costa Ricans) are so ridiculously friendly. These amazing people are open to Americans, Canadians and Europeans not just visiting their country but welcoming full timers and connecting with them in a way that is truly genuine. The phrase often said here is Pura Vida, meaning pure life. That’s not just a marketing phrase, it’s what everyone says. And what the people live by. Relaxed, in the moment, and with authentic joy.

Not because life is perfect but because that is the mind set they choose to live out each day. It’s hard to imagine feeling more authentically connected to a people group anywhere in the world more than here in CR.

There are however, certainly no lack of challenges here, but many have called this the Switzerland of the west. One of those reasons is that they spend so little on their military and reinvest much of that money into their national parks (27% of the land is designated as such). Also the middle class seems to be thriving much more here than any other Central American country we’ve been to thus far.

On a personal note on the challenges front, so far we’ve experienced a sprained ankle (Bex), stepped on stingray (yours truly), and one of our children has struggled a bit to adjust to our past few weeks out of the States (will remain anonymous, to protect the innocent;). But when everything else is so good it makes the bumps feel so much less, bumpy. As does the consistent reminder of Pura Vida from our friends here in their daily words, attitudes and actions.

…And 90 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze everyday in January doesn’t hurt so bad either.

And with that, I will leave you with a few photos…


3 thoughts on “Confidential: Paradise Discovered

  1. Donald Straka

    Sounds like a sweet trip to Costa Rica! Pura Vida. You are totally right that Ticos are extremely welcoming. Thanks for keeping us updating.

    Don Straka

  2. Jacque Straka

    Oops….sorry to not let you in on the secret! If you are looking for some other places to explore, Jaco is pretty sweet and right up your ally (email for details), and we know a missionary there. And one of my favorite places in the world is La Paz water gardens west of San Jose. Absolutely beautiful and includes monkeys, snakes, and the opportunity to feed hummingbirds – they fly right to your hands! It ends with a coffee tasting room where I tasted the best coffee in my life. Pura Vida;) love you guys!!

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