Spouse’s Greatest Joy & Biggest Fear

img_2755-4Happy 2018!

So we finished out the year in good ol’ Texas with some of our favorite people in the world. And while our family was certainly sad to see ’17 come to an end, we’re moving forward into stage 2 of the camper journey with eyes (and ears) wide open.

But before I get to those details, I wanted to share with you two questions that were posed last year that really got me thinking. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in some great convos over these past 5 months with several amazing couples but a few of the responses have surprised me a bit.

So the questions that have been floating around are “What is your spouse’s greatest joy?”, followed by “and what is his/her biggest fear?”. I’ve heard some intriguing answers ranging on the joy side from:img_2911-5

  • the kids/family
  • sex
  • travel/planning
  • knowing Jesus
  • GA/Alabama football

and the fear side:img_20180109_135705-6

  • not being able to provide financially
  • not being a good enough parent
  • not being able to have kids
  • not working hard enough to accomplish goals
  • health (for self or loved one)

While these answers were fairly wide ranging it seems pretty clear to me that all of us marrieds could be asking our better-halves a few more questions in 2018. And hone in on our listening skills (2 ears > 1 mouth ratio;).

Now for the record, I tried to maintain my status as unbiased administer of these two questions and asked both husbands and wives to try not to ‘lead the witness’. But as you can imagine some of the looks I received back (specifically from the wives) tells me that Los Esposos need to ‘man up’ and start going a smidgen deeper with, as my Dad always says, our best friend for life.

With that, here are a few pics from what both Bex and I described as our current greatest joy (this crazy adventure known only as: camper journey). img_2913-1I will however, fall on my sword here as I incorrectly assumed that yoga was the thing that puts the widest smile on her face. And on the fear side it didn’t take long for Bex to accurately describe the thing that worries me the most as not being obedient to God.

Here’s to a fresh opportunity to help our spouse magnify his/her joy in the new year while we walk alongside them as they face (and someday soon, over come) their most daunting fear.

Now to clarify regarding stage 2 of the camper journey. We’ve recently left Birdie in storage and have flown down to Central America. We spent the past 6 days in one of my favorite cities in the world Antigua, Guatemala and are now heading to Samara, Costa Rica. We’ll finish out our time abroad in February with our most loved missionary family, The Millers, in the Dominican Republic.

Let’s make this year the year. Soak up joy. Smack fear. img_2930-1


About thehaverherd

We are a family of five who travel full time and live in our Airstream camper. ✌🏼❣️
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One Response to Spouse’s Greatest Joy & Biggest Fear

  1. Donald Straka says:

    Loved those questions you posed. I’m looking forward to discussing them with Jacque. Thanks for the update and the pictures.


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