You Are Special

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since our last post but I hope everyone is Holiday’d up at this point.

So I was reading one of my favorite books to the boys last night and had such an overwhelming feeling of peace. For those who haven’t read You Are Special, your time has come. I’m convinced that the secret of life can be found in this beautiful story.

Max Lucado does a marvelous job, in this 8 page children’s tale, depicting how each of us is so deeply loved. He reminds us what this life is really all about, and more importantly, what we should be doing each day to soak it up.

If you have kids, nieces/nephews or grandchildren please do them a favor and add one final gift to their stocking this year. The thought of many of you all, some of our nearest and dearest friends, reading these words of truth over your little ones brings a smile to my face.

For those of you who will be celebrating Jesus’s birthday in t-minus 4 days, Feliz Navidad. And to everyone else out there, He wanted me to remind you of something.

God loves you very much.


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