Camping at Dry Tortugas National Park

So we finally made good on our promise to take the boys to the beach. And then some.

Dry Tortugas National Park is hands down the most incredible place we have ever visited. It is so remote. It is relatively affordable for being 70 miles west of the Keys in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. And it is protected which means it is beautiful and pristine.

We snorkeled. We explored Fort Jefferson. We learned to fish and while Daniel and I each hooked a 300 pound Goliath Grouper, he seemed to laugh underwater at us when he easily snapped the line.

We camped overnight. It was pitch black and silent.

Waves. Wind. Stars. Repeat.

Sadly, Irma did not spare this beautiful spot. Entire sections of the moat wall have collapsed into the ocean. Countless large conch shells have washed ashore which is a sign that the undersea life is not as healthy as it should be. The rangers on the island have been working to clean up the island and have done an amazing job in a short time. But there is still so much debris remaining all the way down the Keys and at the Dry Tortugas.

Public service announcement: if you aren’t recycling. Please do. If you haven’t made efforts to reduce your waste. Please do. If you litter or don’t really ensure that you trash is properly disposed. Please do.

I am so sad about the amount of recyclables and trash we have found and cleaned up in this area. This stuff washes up on beaches here and comes from everywhere. So please think about it. Actual real life people and animals are being heavily impacted by our overconsumption and lack of proper disposal.

Ok. Love you guys! No judgement. Just love.

And funny enough the two places that we have loved the most so far on our journey have lacked the same thing. While Dry Tortugas is as far down as you can go on the east coast and Jacques Cartier Park is on the other end of the map, an hour north of Quebec City, Canada, both of these beauties provide zero cell phone reception/internet.

Pictures cannot do Dry Tortugas justice. I encourage you to find a way to make this trip happen in your future.

With that said, below is our attempt to give you a taste of our experience. Love to you all from the southern tip of the US.

Next stop: Orlando 😊❣️


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  1. Michael

    Beautiful pics. We almost made it there last time we were in the Keys. Will make it happen next time. So glad you got to go.

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