Reaching goals while living the dream.

Daniel and I have pretty much always had a game plan and seem to be consistently working towards some kind of specific goal.  Throughout our 14 years together, as well as individually before meeting each other, our goals, for better or worse, have defined who we are.  I know it’s not for everyone, but we have historically been those nerdy folks who actually complete their New Years resolutions.

So of course, for our Camper Journey, we not only have a general plan as to the why and where, but also have monthly and yearlong goals that we would like to complete.

We have decided to take a fun approach to it.  So here are a few:


Speaking of eating local, here is us eating donuts at Paula’s in Buffalo, NY which besides having some amazing people had splendid food.


We’d love to hear about the goals you’re working towards in your life right now.  And if there’s any way we can check off our 2nd goal when we see you, we’d love to help.

And as you may have noticed, one goal that I didn’t mention and have clearly been failing at so far is to consistently post updates about our camper journey. Daniel will be back into action to take it from here, so prepare yourselves for a steady dose of pics, videos and write ups moving forward.



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