Matthew’s First Blog.

At long last, I’d like to present to you with Matthew’s very first blog. Below is his initial draft, but the picture shows you the final, hand written edition. Enjoy, and please feel free to give him any feedback you may have…


hi My name is Matty. I am on a campr jorne. I have 2 brothrs Josiah and Toby.



So far we have bin to 11 stats in the US and 4 cites in Canada. I mis my friends but I love ice crem and Dogee.










Here’s a short video of a few of our favorite moments with the boys over these first 5 weeks of the journey.

We have some great opportunities coming up over this next week to serve at an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Dress for Success and a community garden.

We are settling into life on the road, but of course we have faced a few challenges. We will fill you in on some details in our next post. Hope everyone is having a great week.


3 thoughts on “Matthew’s First Blog.

  1. Jim Keenehan

    Great job, Matty! Keep the posts and fantastic drawings coming! -Jim

  2. Donald Straka

    I loved this post. Thanks for sharing. Tell Matty that he’s doing a great job of keeping track of the states you visit. I hope he keeps journaling through the rest of the trip. Excited to hear more over the next few months.

    Don Straka

  3. Keitha Havey

    Hi Matthew – I enjoyed reading your blog post. You did a great job telling about your camper journey. I am glad that doggy is with you on your trip. I love you, Nana

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