A little service.

Hi All!  It’s me, Bex. 

I have been made aware that I have been mute on this blog thus far.  I am excited to take over and share for at least this blog!  So I’m probably good until 2018, right?

One thing we are excited about on our journey is to find organizations that are very effective in their local communities.  We want to work with them to help if possible and to learn from their practices.  So far we have done that twice.

First in Jonesboro, Maine, where much of my extended family lives we volunteered at the fire station.  Firefighting is a community job in most areas and exclusively so in Jonesboro, Maine.  I am proud to be related to such brave people who serve their communities every day without pay.  They are always on call if there is a local emergency.  Being largely from the city or immediate suburbs, I haven’t witnessed the same level of necessity for a fully volunteer fire fighting team.  Anyway, we had a great time washing the fire truck and the boys learned more about fire safety from the local Fire Chief, my Uncle Michael!  

The firehouse is dedicated to my grandfather.  He was a great man.  

This week we have been in Montreal, Quebec.  I came upon an amazing organization that serves as a community garden and soup kitchen.  In the summer months, they are solely a community garden sharing food with those in need.  We all got our hands dirty weeding many beds of peppers and squash and harvesting Kale and Beans.  

We are getting set up with some online volunteer work with Seven Cups as listeners and the national park service.  However, we are looking to get plugged into more local organizations as we go. If you have any contacts for us we would appreciate it very much!  Between now and September, we will be in:

  • Quebec City, QC
  • Mont Tremblant, QC
  • Toronto, ON
  • Niagara Falls, NY
  • Buffalo, NY

Here are a few more shots since our last blog. 

Lots of love and hugs to all our people.  We miss you so very much!  💕 


4 thoughts on “A little service.

  1. I absolutely love seeing families like yours going on a version of a Matthew 10 journey. And the pics of you enjoying it are just icing on the cake – why shouldn’t it be fun? Who says we can’t have fun as we’re seeking God for his itinerary every day?

    Thanks for the report and the pics!

  2. Daniel

    Great stuff Bud. Thanks so much.

    Daniel Haverkos Sent from my iPhone 301-466-6719


  3. Long, Stephen E. FIIS

    Hi Dan,

    Please feel free to try:

    Chris Tingley
    He is a peer of mine…just tell him you are a friend of mine when you call
    716-220-3468 cell
    He may be able to help you plug into Buffalo, NY

    God bless! Safe travels.

    Make it a great day!


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  4. Jacque Straka

    We love you guys! So fun to see your adventure and heart! Opening an invitation to come to the Twin Cities in Minnesota!




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