Out on the Road.

After months of planning and preparation, we hit the road on Monday, July 17th at 7:14am.


Thanks to so many of you who have encouraged us over these past few weeks. We were able to get our home ready to rent out and pack up all the bare necessities into our 200 square foot “house on wheels”. And for those of you who have never held a Name Your Own Price Yard Sale, I’ll simply state for the record that you’ve never truly lived.
The first leg of our journey took us 11 hours north, just outside of Boston. Believe it or not, we were able to make it more than 20 minutes away from our driveway before one of the little guys in the back seat asked the infamous question “Are we there yet?”, shortly followed by “I have to go to the bathroom”.

Gas Line

I have to say that life on the road has certainly exceeded expectations over these first 10 days. And while we were aware that fueling could be a concern we didn’t think we would experience this kind of problem at our very first gas station…

We’ve spent much of this first week and a half trying to settle into new daily routines with reduced resources/distractions, a simplified schedule and much tighter sleep arrangements. We are starting to look for ways to help/serve/encourage those who we meet along the journey and it appears we’ll have our first more formal opportunity to do so at the volunteer fire department in Jonesboro, Maine this coming Friday.

I was reminded of a situation a few weeks ago when I had the chance to bring Matty with me up to Baltimore to work on one of our rental properties. As we sat at a stop light in the city, while my son and I carried on a conversation, I noticed a large man in the median walking towards our car. I reached into the back seat just below Matty’s feet to grab what we call a “goodie bag”, filled with snacks, deodorant, water and an encouraging note. Pausing our conversation, I rolled down the window to look the man in the eyes, share my name and ask his, and extended the bag to see if he was interested.

John smiled a toothless grin as he accepted the package, thanked me by name and then continued hobbling on down the median in the scorching heat. As we pulled away, the next words that came out of Matty’s mouth will stay with me for a long time.

“Can I give out the next bag Daddy?”, he asked.

A warmth filled my body as I nodded my head. “What are you going to say to the person when you give him a bag?”, I inquired. After thinking for a few seconds Matty, with a puzzled look on his face, said he wasn’t sure.

“Well, what does Daddy say when we meet someone?” I replied.

“I could ask his name?”, Matty proposed. “And, I could tell him that my name is Matty.”

“That’s really good”, I responded.

Then Matty stated with a pensive voice, “And I could ask if there’s something we could pray for him about”.

With chlorine in the air, I reached back to pull a bag up for my son. While we didn’t come across any other people in need that day I have a feeling that we’re all going to learn a lot on this journey that lies ahead.

We’ll try to get our next blog post out a bit quicker than this last one but I thought we’d finish up with two final pics of Toby. While Bex reminded me the other day that even though I’ve spent the past decade+ as my own boss, I was about to step into a new world. And this new world has 3 little bosses.

With that said, I’m hoping to find creative ways to keep this Haver Herd on their toes…


5 thoughts on “Out on the Road.

  1. Teri

    Those underpants better be clean! Sound like your off to a good start. Prayers for you and those you meet.

  2. Joan Burgess

    I recommend you implement The Headcount when you return to the vehicle. In 1977 we left my four year-old sister at a rest stop off of 95 in South Carolina. After my dad turned around our Chevy Suburban towing a 40′ Coachman trailer and circled back she was sitting on the same picnic table where we’d last seen her…patiently waiting. Her Guardian Angel hasn’t had much sleep for the past 44 years. Prayers for you and those you meet on your journey.

    1. That’s crazy Joan. And yes we will be taking thorough roll calls at each and every stop along the journey. Appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Stacey (James) Robertson

    Finally began reading your blog. I’m already a fan and look forward to encouraging and being encouraged by you and your lovely family. Thank you for your service and advice over the years. You already kbow angels are encamped about you. May God richly bless you and yours on this exciting journey. -Stacey from AdvaMed

    1. So grateful for your prayers Stacey. Your words of encouragement mean the world to us. Be well.

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